Who Are We?

Keiser Racing was founded in 1997 around the racing car The Terminator. Today, we have ten active people and compete in all the races in the Cup. The competence of the team is very high and we expect a prominent placing every year. Keiser Racing also owns a touring bus combined workshop with sleeping areas which is a prerequisite to compete professionally. We came sixth in the NEZ Cup 2011 even though we demolished two engines during the season.

We compete in the Unlimited class, which is the most extreme form of Formula Offroad, where the trails are longer, steeper and more technically demanding. The distinguishing feature of the class is “skoveldäcken” (Shovel tires) that makes it possible to get through on the most impossible places. Most spectacularly is probably the hydroplaning over smaller lakes close to a hundred meters in length or climbing up vertical sand walls.

Keiser Racing is owned by Jannina Keiser



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