The Terminator

The Terminator II


The Terminator II is an upgraded version of the original Terminator. The goal was to build in as many improvements as possible to an already successful approach. The Terminator has kept the original recognizable design of its body and therefore maintains a solid fan base.

The car has been re-built from scratch by the team which gives endless opportunities for clever solutions. The reconstruction lasted the 2006-2007 season. Sponsors with outstanding experience also contributed with invaluable help.


Year built: 2006-2007

Frame: Approved welded tubular construction, seamless tubes (Roll tested in all directions).

Body: Hand built composite.

Engine: Chevrolet 350 Lt 1, Electromotive injection, nitrous plate, Torker II intake manifolds, Edelbrock Head with race prepared barrels and rings, Special crank and camshaft. Blue printed and bench tested (442 HP)

Nitrous oxide: Nos (350 HP)

Transmission: TH400, straight-cut gears, drag race prepared

Distribution Box: New Process 208, solid aluminum, shortened and modified chain drive.

Rear Axle: Ford 9″, spool

Front Axle: Ford 9″/ Dana 60, spool

Tires: ScatTrac Super Cooper at Goodyear-frame 33 x 17 x 15

Wheels: 15″ Steel rims with Beadlock

Suspension: Special Sway a way airshocks and bumbstops