Exposure 2012


During the 2012 Formula Offroad season in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland. Keiser Racing received the following exposure:

Featured onf several national TV shows such as : “Test Drive”, “Motorsystrar”, “99 saker att göra innan man dör”. During the filming of

  “Motorsystrar” and “99 saker att göra innan man dör” the Terminator was actually test driven by the presenters.

4wheel drive magazine follows the entire racing season through stories and articles and photos.

YouTube, countless clips of The Terminator in all it’s races and events.

Keiser Racing website and Facebook page.

Sports Wire, countless clips of The Terminator in all it’s races and events.

A wide international audience through social networks.

Constant posting of pictures of Keiser Racing by fans using social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Highlighted in many articles and publications.

Numerous successes and countless insane somersaults over the years has produced by far the largest fan base for the The Terminator of all the cars in the Formula Offroad sport. When the pit is open during the race there is always a long queue of fans who want an autographed poster and the chance to exchange a few words with the team. What really sets Keiser Racing apart from its fellow competitors is our main driver Rolf “Råttan” Keiser, Råttan is a very dynamic and charismatic character who is a firm favorite with the fans of Formula Offroad with his unique style and presentation. He will always go the “Extra Mile” to make sure the fans feel well connected to the team and what it is we do.


The following are suggested packages are provided as a picture of what can be included.
Obviously Keiser Racing will gladly tailor any package according to your wishes. For enquiries regarding either Advertising, Partnering or Sponsoring please contact us here




  1. Exposure on The Terminator: Large logo on the hood, sides, roof, rear and front.
  2. Exposure on the bus: Large logo on the sides and less on the rear and front.
  3. Exposure Team car: Large logo on the sides, front and small logo back.
  4. Logo on driver.
  5. Logo on team clothing.
  6. Custom Exhibition body.


Supporters / Contributors package

For a those of you that wish to support Keiser Racing as a private individual by either a small financial or product contribution do not hesitate to conatact us. For our gratitude we willl:

  1. Give you exposure on The Terminator: Small logo/text in two places of teams choice.
  2. A mention on the contributors page on our website.


  1. Exposure on The Terminator: Logo on the hood, sides, rear.
  2. Logo on the driver’s seat.
  3. Exposure on the bus: Logo on the side.
  4. Exposure Team car: Logo on the sides, front and rear.
  5. Small logo on team clothing.


  1. Exposure on The Terminator: Small logo in prominent places.
  2. Exposure on Bus: Small logo on the sides.
  3. Exposure Team car: Small logo on the sides.


All packages with the exception of “Supporters / Contributors” package have the possibility of the following:

Exposure in our marketing material and on our website and the linking to your own online portal.

By arrangement utilizing The Terminator and the team at exhibitions and open days.

Use of media images in marketing.

Test Driving The Terminator.

*Agreements are for one year only unless otherwise agreed


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