SMK Uppsala


Founded in 1914 with an initial 28 members the club has grown consistently ever since. Today, the club is one of the oldest motoring clubs in Sweden and Uppsala’s oldest active motoring club.

The club consists of 5 sections

* Car (All types)
* Motorcycle (Motocross and Enduro)
* Cycle (BMX)
* Offroad  (Offroad, Challenge and Formula Offroad)
* Media (Our own worldwide broadcast channel along with photo, film and editorial)

In the early 80’s, BMX racing was introduced into the club which has a large following with many successes such as Swedish championship and the Nordic championships and several national and international competitions. Currently there is intensive collaboration with the Uppsala local authority for a new BMX track to be able to organize national championships and international competitions, hopefully the new course will be completed in the very near future

Six years ago the Offroad Division in the club was introduced. This brought the amazing Icelandic Formula Offroad racing into the Swedish public view for the first time. As the only organizing club in Sweden, today we have a number of elite drivers in the offroad category.

SMK Uppsala is very active in its environmental work to keep ahead of legislation required of a club with competitions and training activities demanded of various agencies and organizations.

Anyone who organizes and assists in and around the competitions does an amazing job. Without them, there would not be any!  A special thanks goes to the organizing committee that handles all the work that goes into all the races and events, as you can imagine the work is enormous.

We are always looking to expand the membership of  SMK Uppsala, if you have an interest in cars / engines / bikes and would like to join the club, you are most welcome. Contact details are below.

Bergsbrunnagatan 4
753 23 UPPSALA
Telefon +46 (0)18 12 30 14