Hernegran1Name: Mikael Härnegran

Nickname. “Granen”

Position: Mechanic / Team Boss

A really happy guy with total control over the car, fixes most things and makes sure things get done.

Really good at getting the “GoPro” cameras up and running.



Name: Stefan Jonsson

Nickname. “Julle”

Position: Mechanic

This is the guy with his eye on everything that should be nice and clean as well as tidy.

He claims to be a city dweller even though he lives on an island!


Micke1Name: Michael Gustafsson

Nickname. “Micke” or “Gotland”

Position: Mechanic

A happy islander who can fix most things on the car where needed.

A devil with the welding torch and with the suspension system.


Bullen1Name: Andreas Andersson

Nickname. “Bullen”

Position: Mechanic

The big guy on the team who makes everyone happy. fixes most things on the car where needed.

A hero at warming up the nitrous tubes early in the morning.


Robin-latestName: Robin Andersson

Nickname. “Kakan”

Position: Mechanic

The teams latest addition.

Fixes most things and then some!



Name: Dan Björkman

Nickname. “Danne”

Position: Engine Mechanic

A nice guy who takes care of the “Heart” of the car before during and after the race.

Really good at changing the plugs and taking care of the throttle housing.