Dione is a specialist company with it’s own workshops and sales of power transmission products, such as bearings, seals, belts, electric motors, gearboxes and everything in between and then some …

We have 20 skilled employees where we have our stores and workshops in Boländerna, Uppsala. Sweden

We have at your service:

  • A large Mechanical Workshop where we repair and manufacture most parts.
  • Diverse machinery. We have amongst other things 5 lathes, 3 milling machines, welding machines, presses and various grinders.
  • A construction department, where we are able to create custom drawings and prepare them for eventual processing and manufacture.
  • Workshop for Fabrication using water cutters, angle press, shears and various grinding and polishing machines.


Address: Verkstadsgatan 5 Uppsala 753 23 Sweden   tel: +46 (0)18-140 130   fax: +46 (0)18-140 110   e-mail: info@dione.se    www.dione.se