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Let us begin by telling you how Formula Off Road all started.

Rolf Keiser

Rolf “Råttan” Keiser

Formula Off Road is a sport that was created in Iceland. In the hope to bringing in more money for the Icelandic rescue teams, the teams themselves started to show their 4×4 cars in action in the volcanic Icelandic hills. It soon became more and more of a competition between the teams, soon the teams where building specially made vehicles for just this purpose. The motorsport Formula Off Road was born.


Classes of formula Off Road cars

In Sweden, Norway and Denmark there are two different classes in Off Road. Modified and Unlimited. In Modified, the cars can have paddle tires and must have a body from a standard manufactured car. In the modified class they are allowed to use NO2. In the Off Road unlimited class, the drivers and teams can build their cars in any configuration they like within the sports regulations. In this class they use wide tires with with large bucket scoops to get a good grip in the hills. The engine can be built in many different ways and configurations, and many use NO2 for that extra boost of power.

Whatever way a car is constructed for Formula Off Road, be it modified or unlimited, it must comply with the sports strict racing regulations.

So now you know just a little about formula off road. Do you want to see us in action?
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